Our Story

We are a family business. My husband, Kyle, created and manages our website while I draw and digitize. Our two small boys are daily inspirations for my designs.

Kyle and I met in a physics class at the University of Alabama, where we both graduated with engineering degrees. After college we began full-time jobs, which later relocated us to Baton Rouge, LA, where we now reside. I returned to work after my first son was born but resigned when I knew that my heart was at home taking care of my family.

I have loved crafting since childhood: coloring, scrapbooking, painting, sewing, and embroidery. Primarily for fun, I began selling children’s clothing items made with hand-cut appliques. I opened a very small online shop, Merry Heart Designs, in 2016. I eventually upgraded my sewing machine to an embroidery machine and began digitizing and selling a few of my own designs in 2017, which became my favorite hobby. My husband convinced me to create our own website, and Joy Kate Designs was born in January 2018. We have been blessed with so much support and success in such a short time, that we often refer to it as my “hobby that accidentally became a business.”

Meanwhile, God has been stretching me and working on my heart. He very clearly told me to give 50% of our profits back to Him. The sudden and miraculous success of our small business has reinforced this one truth: this business and all its profits were and never will be mine. It’s all His; I’m only a steward. The parable of the talents echoes in my mind (Matt. 25:14-30). We must be faithful and obedient with what we’ve been given. So here we are, committed to donating half of our profits to spread the gospel and help those in need. Thank you for helping us do that, one design at a time!